10 Best Wood Carving Disc: Comparison – Which One Should You Buy?

Power carving is an excellent way to incorporate shaped surfaces into various designs. It can also open up a whole new world of tasks that a customer would not have access to with the conventional shop equipment. However, with so many tool choices and various stock in the industry today, where do people start when it comes to these products and power carving? You can watch a video or visit a company site if you would like in-depth information on a specific product or to check the availability of stock. One common method is to start by attaching the carving disc to an angle grinder, which many individuals already have for other purposes. While this limits the options to a carving disc that fits with your angle grinder, you are going to see that this method still leaves you with a bewildering array of choices.

The aim of this article is to assist you with understanding a few of the various carving tool types available as well as to assist you in selecting the tool that is going to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Wood Carving Disc
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A power wood carving disc may take care of four primary operations, and the build and design quality decide how successful they are at performing these various functions:

  • Make a concave structure by scooping out the material. It is helpful to get rid of the majority of the material from the bowl or tray.

  • Create a convex form around the corners of the design by rounding it over or chamfering it.

  • Flatten any unusual shapes, for example, the base of logs prior to cutting it into boards with a bandsaw.

  • Detail lines, including characteristics shadow lines or a face, should be cut out.

When a customer is trying to compare various types of carving disks, they need to evaluate them regarding their ability to conduct every function mentioned above and the item’s protection. The propensity for the carving disc to unexpectedly pull or grab when facing a challenging cutting project, such as a knot or engaging two contradictory textures at the same time, is also a crucial factor to look at.

Best Wood Carving Disc

There are several styles of blades available that a customer can choose from for their grinders. Here are 10 of the best carving discs to look at when determining which one you would like to purchase:

10 Best (Reviews 2024)

#1 Arbortech Turbo Plane

The product is a high-quality disc including a carbide cutter bonded to a solid steel frame that works like a planer. When the stock is removed, the cutters use a shearing operation on the wood, resulting in a fresh batch of soft shavings instead of dust. The Turbo Plane excels at leveling irregular shapes and digging out various materials, and it can get rid of stock.

Since the cutter does not go all the way to the top of the blades or disc, the top of the non-cutting framework may be used for cutting patterns, which is helpful for tasks like sculpting rocking chair seats. Turbo Plane is not great at detailed work, which necessitates cutting around the disc’s side, due to its non-cutting top edge. This disc can grab slightly, which is particularly more noticeable on hardwood.

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#2 King Arthur Tools Lancelot 14-tooth Disc

The Lancelot has a chainsaw-like model and cutting motion that can get rid of stock easily for any specific cut style which may leave a rough texture and layer behind. The tool is great at removing stock, but the violent cutting causes a lot of jerking and grabbing, which makes it one of the most challenging tools to use and control in comparison to other models. Due to this proclivity to catch and kick back, one needs to proceed with caution when considering this power carving tool.

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#3 Wood Turbo Six Tooth Carving Disc

This tool is ideal if you are concerned about the price of these power discs. With a more compact radius and violent cutter design, the teeth stretch quite a bit beyond the bottom of the disk, opposing to this feature regarding the Turbo Plane. The span of visible teeth brings about questions about protection. In addition, the tool’s build quality is worse in comparison to its’ competitors, as the teeth chip easily. Additionally, it can be quite challenging to mount these discs onto the angle grinder.

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#4 Graff Speed Cutter

The idea behind the design of the Graff is excellent: beginning with a saw blade as well as adjusting the tooth structure and placement to optimize it for carving purposes. This design offers flexibility regarding that it does not only conduct the intended angle grinder or carving activities (scooping, rounding, and detailing), but it may also be used for cutting tasks, such as snipping off the ends of a piece one is carving, thanks to the specific kerf. People who have used this utility tool find it satisfactory but not the best at flattening, convex, and concave shape roles. These discs leave a rough and tough surface, and there are instances when the knots and hardwoods seemed to grip a little. It offers excellent control for detailed work thanks to the thin kerf.

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#5 Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish

The Tungsten carbide teeth on this disc have a peculiar rasp-like shape that produces an abrasive area rather than simply cutting it. This tool provides a simple and controlled contouring process, which makes it incredibly pleasant to shape wooden objects with. It can navigate through softwood, hardwood, knots, and small areas without putting the operator’s power in jeopardy. The teeth continue to the ends, which gently taper to a rim that people can utilize for fine detail tasks.

The excellent control of this wood carving disc helps you to produce the desired shape quickly and easily, and although the blade design does not provide the smooth finish of a planning style disc, the amount of sanding needed is manageable. Due to the abrasive operation, the disc creates dust instead of shavings, resulting in a cluttered workspace. This disc’s stock removal output is adequate yet not as quick as the Turbo Plane. In the brand’s “coarse” model, Kutzall provides a more vigorous tooth structure or geometry for improved efficiency.

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#6 OBA Grinder Wheel Disc

This tool is developed to fit all grinders on the market, making it extremely useful for any customer. This disc is manufactured from high-quality steel, which means it is a durable and powerful option.

Many people find the disc ideal for carving and grinding wooden surfaces. It differs from other disc options as it uses a thorn design that adds to the efficiency.

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#7 Kutzall Original Shaping Disc

It is challenging to find a carving tool that performs better than the Kutzall Shaping Wheel regarding freehand carving on larger work projects. These wheels, when used with great grinders, have assisted professional craftsmen to build truly remarkable items. The tough tungsten-carbide ‘teeth’ enable advanced material removal and long wear life.  You could utilize this tool project after project because of the easy control and tolerance to loading.

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#8 MINGRUI Shaping Disc

These discs have a one-of-a-kind light design that can get rid of stock slowly and evenly for rounding or scooping over materials while leaving a pleasant surface afterwards. The tool makes use of an effortless cutting action for a secure shaping interaction. The broad radius edge is not suitable for finer or detailed work, and the manganese steel cutter tend to be more difficult to sharpen than the alternative methods.

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#9 Pomsare 5PCS Angle Grinder Disc Set

These discs are ideal for any customer who wants to cut in various directions, as this disc already has a coarse coating that offers extreme material removal. This factor is a bonus as it saves you time and energy. The addition of tungsten carbide teeth contributes to the durability of the product, which is great! The Pomsare pack can be used for carving, sculpting, grinding, channeling, and shaping.

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#10 Carving and Grinding Disc

This product would work for any customer trying to cut, shape, and carve any wooden objects.

You can perform multiple tasks with the current multifunctional forming wheel. It is particularly good for convex and concave surfaces. The product also has a fast chopping pace, can quickly remove sawdust, and is stable.

The solidity, toughness, impact resistance, and durability of the steel are improved to a great extent by utilizing the Szliyands wood grinding disc at high temperatures.

The top-quality grinding wheel is designed to be mounted on regular grinders.

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How Do You Choose Ideal Grinders?

Choosing the cheapest grinders or carvers is not ideal. Initially, grinders were utilized on metal and concrete surfaces; however, experts were open to trying these devices of wooden surfaces because it is softer.

Regardless of the affordability of the device, there are a few aspects to keep in mind when shopping or starting your search. Ensure the guard is firmly attached to the unit. When shaping, the guard is going to be constantly bumped, and your hand occasionally brushes against it, so it is essential that you take away a sturdy device to ensure that your hands are safe from the spinning blades.

Every brand and model of device has a distinct feel, and you can find one you like. It should be well-balanced and comfortable, not too difficult to handle, and with the grip in a favorable position. Since this tool can be utilized for several hours, it must be easy, convenient, and practical to hold. Also, higher amps do not come at the expense of simplicity. It is pointless to purchase a device with higher amps if it is uncomfortable, impractical, and heavy, so please take note of this.

No products found.

Another critical feature to consider when buying grinders is the accessibility and ease of usability of the ON/OFF function. Nothing is more aggravating and hazardous than attempting to turn off a handheld bladed device when the ON/OFF switch is difficult to locate or is stuck in one spot. It is also really inconvenient when a switch accidentally switches to the OFF place while shaping or grinding.

Check that the ON/OFF button is securely locked and releases quickly in both places and that it is easily accessible and convenient to work with. Small wooden chips are less likely to be caught in a thin gap under the actual turn. The greater the distance under the button, the more likely it is to clog or be stuck. This tragedy is something that people have learned the hard way a number of times.

Wrapping It Up

Each of these options performs differently. Many people start with Lancelot tooth products because of the power they provide. However, there are various issues that users need to address. For example, there is a great possibility of kickback. How do you identify this? It is clear when you see the tooth of the product dig into the wooden surface and grab the surface, which causes the device to jolt back with a great deal of force. This loss of control can be particularly dangerous for any person, professional or beginner. People who have previously used these would be able to tell you that you may need to replace the blades often. Therefore, is the price worth the work it produces?

Would you like a tool ideal for powerful grinding and shaping? The Arbotech is one of the top options in this regard. The performance and sharpening ability are great and most definitely outperforms a few of the competing products. When used, these blades limit the maneuvrability of the carver you are using, which is what you want to look for during your search.

Kutzall stock abrades wooden surfaces with hundreds of needle-like carbide points. With no chipout, this fits well with figured or trouble woods in all grain directions. Extended sweeping movements and seamless blending and grading are possible thanks to the wide surface area. Deep carving takes longer with the Kutzall disk than with the other carvers since it abrades rather than cuts.

Furthermore, because the Kutzall stock produces dust rather than chips, adequate ventilation is needed. Kutzall disks are accessible in a variety of “grits.” Silver is the most widely accessible. The silver Kutzalls carve well, but they can get clogged up with resin and other materials.

Industrial blades are also ideal for people who utilize carvers regularly as there are various benefits.

Can You Put Wood Cutting Blades on a Grinder?

Yes, you most certainly can! Cutting through wooden surfaces with an angle grinder raises some obvious safety issues. However, if you follow the requisite precautions, are using the appropriate three-tooth carving or cutting disc, and need to cut a few corners here and there, an angle grinder is a viable alternative.

Would daily woodworkers, on the other hand, recommend using an angle grinder regularly? Yes, they do. An angle grinder for woodworking is very common despite the fact that this is not what it is meant for.

Sanding, carving, and shaping are all things that angle grinders excel at. You can carve wooden materials like a skilled professional with a cutting disk attached to your tools.

However, it is not recommended to do this on a daily basis as this power tool is not developed for this reason. A customer may also want to shop around for a circular saw, table saw, or miter saw if they are going to be cutting away daily. 

Make sure when working with any power tool to always wear the proper safety equipment and protective clothing, such as protective goggles, ear protection, and cut-resistant gloves, which are the absolute bare minimum when using grinders.

Can You Use a Metal Grinding Disc on Wood?

Simply put, you can. Many professionals have used this method, and it gets the job done; however, it is not the best available option to work with.

Why? Using coarse and harsh blades on this type of combustible material can still be quite dangerous. Additionally, the kickback on grinders is another potential hazard.

Owing to the density of this material, there is a higher resistance when using a high-speed tool like grinders to make a cut on pieces of metal, or even when trying to cut concrete with diamond saw blades.

However, this is not the case with wooden materials. When carving a lightweight substance like this, a tiny adjustment in place, such as slightly twisting your wrist, may cause the power tool to abruptly and dramatically change direction.

What Tool Do You Use to Carve Wood?

The debate about whether or not grinders can be used to cut wooden materials is not simple or easy. The explanation for this is that this power tool might be too harsh for most wooden products, increasing your risk of injury from a potential kickback.

However, you do have choices when it comes to carving wooden surfaces with grinders, as you can easily turn the disc to a three-tooth disc for smaller projects.

Although there are various advantages to using grinders for cutting, sanding, and shaping, a customer must be fully oriented and aware of the grinder’s limitations in comparison to other power tools.

When attempting to make accurate and clear miter cuts or ripping wooden boards, if you have an available circular saw, miter saw, or a table saw, you would be better off trying to work with one of those tools.

When this occurs, the reaction time would be insufficient to counteract the almost immediate transition, and you would find yourself with an out-of-control tool spinning at rapid rates.

Additionally, most grinders do not have an electric brake and take slightly longer to stop spinning.

Overall, shaping wooden objects with grinders and a carving metal disc is not a great idea.

Are There Risks Associated with Cutting Wood with an Angle Grinder?

Unpleasant incidents may occur when working with these tools, even when people take all of the necessary precautions. There is a high rate of these types of accidents in the U.S, which is why many people opt to use professional contractors for these specific tasks.

Unfortunately, there are high risks associated with using an angle grinder to cut wooden objects, which may result in injury. An angle grinder is not risky to utilize if you are looking to cut smaller woodcuts or carve pieces of wood. 

My Recommendations

If you are looking for a disc to attach to your angle grinder, you can definitely find the ideal option on this list! The No products found. is an excellent choice when considering all the factors one would need to consider. It provides excellent control and secure functionality, which is always appreciated. The creative design makes it easy for newcomers to start with power carving, and the consistency and durability appeal to professional contractors.

Is price an issue?  For a more affordable alternative,  the No products found. or the ToolCool can get the job done back-to-back. The Graff wood carving disc speed cutter has various flexibility, whereas the ToolCool provides a safe environment for gentle rounding and scooping. Both options come at a reasonable price for any customer.

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