Best Wood for Carving Spoons: Carver’s Guide

Wood is an organic material that is used in many different ways. It can be used for carving spoons or it can be used for furniture. Wood is a very versatile material and you should use it wisely.

The best wood for carving spoons is hardwood such as Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. These woods are very strong and they will not break when you carve them. The grain of the wood will also help with the carving process because it will give the spoon more texture and make it easier to carve out the shape of the spoon.

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Best Wood for Carving Spoons

Why Carve Spoons?

To some, carving a spoon may seem pointless, especially when you could go to the store and buy a gift; however, when you take the time to carve a spoon, either for yourself or someone, there is a feeling of accomplishment that makes sense it all worth it.

The act of carving a spoon is both disciplined and not because there is a structure and form that has to be followed, yet one can add their personal touch to the design and style of the spoon. In a way, no wooden spoon is ever alike, as the design and the wood itself can put off a unique style and design.

Once you have carved a spoon, you can choose to keep it for your personal use, or you can gift it to someone special. Some have taken on carving spoons as a business; the options are endless when you take on carving wooden spoons.

Best Wood for Carving Spoons

Once you have considered the size, color, etc., the fun part comes from knowing the particular type of wood to carve.

Here are a few types of wood that are suitable when carving a spoon or wooden dish.


This is wood that comes from trees that produce apple, cheery, pears, and apricot, to name a few. The type of off that comes from a fruitwood is considered a fine grain, and they have an excellent natural design of the grain pattern.

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When carving with fruitwood, it is best to carve when the wood is still lively or green as it is easier to manipulate; however, it is important to work quickly as it can dry when left out, making it hard to carve if you are looking to add a curve.


Strong, durable, and vibrant is the oak. This is a popular type of wood amongst carvers because its solid and durable. The one downfall of oak wood is its durability and strength; it can be hard to carve. This particular wood is ideal for seasoned carvers.

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White Pine

A softwood, white pine is a wood that is easy to shape and manipulate. When picking a white pine wood, remember to choose one that is slightly green, as it is softer, as well. It has been said that working with white pine wet can help make it softer than it usually is. This makes it easier to work with.

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This popular wood is known for providing a stunning finished wood product. It is a happy mix of hard and softwood, making it easy for beginners and masters to carve.

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Best Carving Tools to Buy

Are you looking to take up a hobby doing some wood carving? Here are the best wood carving tools available on the market.

Beaver Craft Spoon Carving Tools

The Beaver Craft Spoon Carving kit is a 14-piece set perfect for the beginner or advanced carver. It features handles that make it comfortable to hold and use. When you aren’t using the kit, you can keep everything in one place as it comes with a leather pouch to know where you last left your tools.

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Kernowo Wood Carving Knife Set

Featuring ergonomic handles, the Kernowo Wood Carving Knife Set comes with several carving knives as well as a carving glove and sharpener. This is a great set to give as a gift to that wood carving friend, family member, or yourself.

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Elemental Tools Wood Carving Tool Set

Whether you are gifting this set or buying it for yourself, the Elemental Tools Wood Carving Toolset comes with a hook knife, detail knife, a mock spoon template, as well as a carving glove, to protect the fingers of beginners. When you aren’t carving, you can store everything in the bamboo box it comes in.

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Similky 5 in 1 Knife Set

The perfect gift for that beginner woodcarver in your life, the Similky 5 in 1 Knife Set comes with a spoon prototype as well as a chip carving, hood, and protecting gloves. Furthermore, the gloves are great for those learning how to use the tools or who are worried about getting hurt.

When it comes to finding the perfect wood carving kit, consider the skill level of the carver. Remember that not all kits come with a protective glove or a spoon template; some only have the carving tools themselves. Another thing to consider when buying a carving set is how they feel in your hands. Look for ergonomically friendly sets, as carving requires continual movement. If your hands aren’t comfortable, it can make carving not fun.

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How to Pick the Best Wood

When it comes to wood carving, it is crucial to make sure you pick the right type of wood. Finding the suitable wood to use is essential if you want to ensure your spoon or wood product doesn’t break. Typically, wood products that have been built correctly and taken proper care of can last for many years.

To help determine whether or not a particular wood is suitable for carving a spoon, consider the following factors in your decision.

  • Type of wood – Is the wood you are working with wood soft or hardwood? Softwood is typically easier to carve; however, it may require a coating of sorts to preserve it from breaking or splitting when wet.
  • Grain direction – If you are looking to carve something that is aesthetically appealing, consider a wood where the grain direction works to your carving need.
  • Size – Are you making a big spoon or a little spoon? Having the right wood is one thing; however, it is also just as important to consider the size of wood you have to work with because you want to make sure you have just enough to carve out of.

Evaluating the many types of wood and looking at what you are looking to accomplish with it can help ensure a successful carve. 

Spoon Carving FAQ’s

Yes, you can use any wood to carve a spoon.

Wood is the most commonly used material for carving spoons because it is inexpensive, easy to work with and has a variety of qualities. Wood can be found in many different shapes, colors, grains and textures. Wood also offers unique properties such as flexibility or stability depending on the type of wood that you are using.

Carving spoons out of pine is a skill that is acquired through practice and patience. Carving spoons out of pine can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you get the spoon to look like your ideal spoon.

Yes, you can. You can use a spoon carving knife to remove the outer bark and then use a spoon gouge to shape the bowl of the spoon.

The answer is yes, you can carve a spoon from dry wood but it will not be as easy as carving when the wood has been soaked in water for some time.

Carving a spoon from dry wood is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation. It is a practice that has been around for centuries and it has not changed much in the last few decades.

The process of making a spoon begins with selecting the right type of wood for carving. Carvers will look for a tree branch or root that has been dead for at least two years, as this will have enough time to dry out and become light enough to carve.

Carving wet wood is easier because the wood is softer and more pliable. Carving dry wood, on the other hand, requires more skill and effort.

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